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Overnight Dhow Cruise

This package provides a combined opportunity to discover the fjords of Musandam as well as the beautiful Wadis and Mountains of the region. 2 Days and 1 night Tour Package to Khasab package provides an opportunity to visit the town in the night time and enjoy the trip in a relaxing mood with an overnight stay in the hotel. During long weekend holidays hotel bookings has to be done almost one month in advance to avail a room.

Activities and results:

  • Half day Morning Overnight Dhow Cruise

    Timings: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 09:30 a.m. Gather at Khasab harbour and transfer to our dhow.
    10:00 a.m. Depart for an unforgettable day cruising through the “fjords of Musandam” on board our traditionally decorated Omani dhow, where you can sit comfortably on cushions and carpets while feasting your eyes on the striking scenery. A dhow trip offers an insight into the fantastic landscape. Discover ancient villages and swim and snorkel in the clear waters off Telegraph Island and Seebi Island, visiting Khor Shem, Qanaha and Maqlab along the way. There is a distinct possibility you may see dolphins. Buffet lunch and refreshments are served on board. Snorkeling equipment and towels are provided.
    12:45 PM: Return to the Khasab Port.

  • Half day Evening Overnight Dhow Cruise

    Overnight Stay
    Timings: 4:00 p.m. to Next day 10:00 a.m.
    This can be arranged in hotels such as Khasab Hotel, Atana Khasab, Atana Musandam or Diwan Al Amir Hotel.
    Accommodation charges are NOT INCLUDED in our price but we can arrange affordable rates according to your dates.
    04:45 PM: Return to the Khasab Port.

  • Full day Overnight Dhow Cruise

    09:45 AM – Meet and greet in Khasab Port and transfer to our Dhow.
    10:00 AM – Depart from the Khasab Port to the fjords of Musandam on our traditionally decorated Omani Dhow.
    10:30 AM – Khor Shem: Khor Shem is a sheltered 17km long fjord. The water is crystal clear and calm, very inviting for snorkeling and swimming.
    The mountains rise out of the sea and reflect back on the water. There are almost always dolphins playing and following the boats as they cruise around the villages.
    10:45 AM Nadafi: The first village we will pass by with around 50 inhabitants mainly fisherman. There is no land access so most of the villagers own small speedboats. The children travel by boat to school, stay over in Khasab from Sunday to Thursday.You will see here that there are water tanks near the beach, the Oman Government provides fresh water, free of charge on a regular basis.
    11:00 AM Qanaha: A small fishing village where the stone houses blend into the cliffs, made from the local stone. In the old days, this was the first line of defense, not to be seen.
    11:15 AM Maqlab: A mountain village where the people are earning their living by goat-herding and fishing, the main occupation of the area.
    This small village is made up on only around 10 houses. This area is the shortest distance to the east coast and can be reached by climbing over the Jabel Maqlab.
    11:30 AM Telegraph Island: (Jazirat al Maqlab) the most famous landmark in this area. Here the British laid the first telegraph cable in 1864, it ran from India to Basra, Iraq and the island was manned for some 10 years. Snorkeling here is a treat, don your masks and enjoy the clear,calm waters. Watch out for butterfuly fish, groupers, and the coral growth is among the best in this fjord.The dhow is anchored at Telegraph Island for1-1/2 hour for Snorkeling.Lunch would be served on board.
    1:00 PM Sham: Another village with around 50 inhabitants.
    2:00 PM Seebi Island: This village is located at the end of the fjord and has around 60 inhabitants, very secluded. This area has many species of sea birds nestling in the cliffs. On the island take a plunge into the crystal clear water. The dhow is anchored at Seebi Island around 1 hour for Snorkeling.
    3:45 PM Return to the Khasab Port.

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