Black Plum / Jambolan

Black Plum / Jambolan

Jamun is an evergreen fruiting tree with the scientific name Syzygium cumini. More commonly known as black plum, it may also be called jambul, java plum or jamblang, depending on where you are in the world.

This tree is native to the Indian subcontinent but has spread to other Asian nations and islands, in addition to being naturalized in the United States and some parts of South America. This tree is primarily cultivated for its fruit, which bears the same name and looks similar to a small plum or a large berry. The color changes from light green to pink to dark purple when it is fully mature.

The jamun fruit has a sweet and sour flavor and is known to be quite astringent, although this taste can vary depending on when you pick the fruit.

Black Plum / Jambolan Black Plum / Jambolan

Medical benefits of Black Plum Jambolan

  • Diabetic control
  • Natural blood purifier
  • Skin care
  • Fight cancer
  • Cure stomach problem
  • Boost immunity
  • Protect Heart
  • It helps in detoxification of liver.

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